Our worldwide network has topped 110,000 agents!

Big news for everyone in RE/MAX: Our worldwide network has topped 110,000 agents!

This milestone confirms that greatness attracts greatness; your talents and achievements have built a brand others want to join.

In the third quarter, we had gains in the U.S., gains in Canada and gains in the rest of the world. We’ve grown every quarter for over four years – 19 quarters in all. You can share the news on Facebook, or from ABOVE.

The people drawn to RE/MAX are a mix of established producers and newer agents aspiring to get better. And the growing agent count benefits us all – it brings more listings, more yard signs, more advertising, more brand power, more phone calls, more web traffic, more referrals and more satisfied buyers and sellers.

So celebrate the fact we’re 110,000 agents strong. And know you’re in good company – because more and more professionals are choosing to call RE/MAX home.

Dave Liniger
CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder