RE/MAX Europe Expands Across The Continent

We all know how true it is that we go so much further when we go together as one. The past two years have demonstrated this principle a hundred times over, as we’ve seen our brand grow and strengthen to bring RE/MAX Europe closer together.

Finding Strength in the Fastest Growing Franchise

Last year, RE/MAX was once again ranked a top 10 franchise in the annual Franchise Times Top 200+ survey, and was named the leading real estate franchise for the ninth consecutive year. And with 1,900 European offices and 22,000 agents, we’re one of the fastest growing franchises as well. So we are more than happy to welcome three new members to the RE/MAX family!

  • In 2016 Cyprus, Norway and Montenegro joined RE/MAX Europe as a region.
  • Last year, Latvia became part of the RE/MAX Europe family.
  • As of June 2018, we can proudly welcome Serbia as an official RE/MAX country.

Changes within Europe

As we continue to grow and thrive, we have also seen several advancements across Europe to provide enhanced service for customers.

  • Johnny Stavrinou has taken over as new CEO for RE/MAX Cyprus. Under Stavrinou’s leadership, they are poised to become the number one real estate network on the island.
  • At the beginning of this year, Germany South-West absorbed the rest of the German operations, so now Germany is united in one region. We look forward to seeing how far they will go!

Strengthening our Network

When you are part of a real estate revolution, seeing successful growth doesn’t just reassure you that you’re on the right path, it actually strengthens commitment and reinforces bonds across Europe.

  • In April of this year, Austria renewed their contract.
  • Portugal renewed their contract in June this year.

Congratulations to all of our regions – it’s wonderful to see how success enriches the experience for all of us!